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Luxurious Letterpress Printed Business Cards from Drum Machine Editions!

Starting at $175 USD︎︎︎see full price list below

People will want to smell your business cards ︎ People will want to touch your business cards ︎ 

Good God, it’s true: the same print shop that produces gorgeous artists’ books with emerging contemporary artists across the U.S. is now offering custom print services to our community in Asheville, NC and beyond. Letterpress printing has been around for centuries and there’s no modern printing technique that can match its tactile quality or durability. Letterpress prints even smell good.

We think our hand-pulled prints resonate especially well with other slow, manual, and organic processes: if your studio, brand, or business’s ethos exists in the hand-crafted, local, or fine arts zone, then letterpress-printed materials will serve you better than, say, mail-order cards from VistaPrint, Moo, or other drag-and-drop services. At Drum Machine Editions in Asheville, NC, we offer hand-printed business cards printed in archival ink on soft, acid-free paper in batches of 250 or more.

How much do letterpress-printed business cards cost?

Because we hand-craft each project to order—and there’s a ton of setup involved in letterpress—we only accept orders in increments of 250 cards. The pricing below includes platemaking fees and shipping within the continental United States.

(1/0) Business Cards
Side A: One Color / Side B: Blank
250 cards︎︎︎175.00 USD
500 cards︎︎︎335.00 USD
750 cards︎︎︎490.00 USD
1,000 cards︎︎︎625.00 USD

This pricing is for one-sided business cards printed in a single color. Quotes for two-color printing, double-sided cards, and higher quantities available upon request. Specialty inks (metallics, custom Pantone colors) will incur additional fees. We will ask that you pay up-front for your order once the details are confirmed and we begin to print.

A $25 platemaking fee is included for every project and your plate(s) will be kept on file for one year. If you choose to reprint the same cards within a year, we will deduct that $25 from your costs. After a period of one year, the polymer plates we use begin to break down and become unreliable on press.

Can you help me with the design?

If you’re interested in assistance with your business card design, we will be happy to discuss your needs! Please explain your situation to us in your inquiry email; if we believe we can be of assistance, we will set up a call to discuss further. Design and/or illustration services provided by Drum Machine Editions will be billed at a rate of $75/hour.

How should I deliver the design files?

The short answer: please plan to deliver your files as Press Quality PDFs (CMYK) with all artwork in 100% K (black), regardless of your print color. Editable Adobe Illustrator files with embedded artwork are also acceptable. Type should be outlined and no smaller than 8 point (serif) or 7 point (sans serif). Your thinnest lines should be at least 0.45 pt and the dots above your i’s and j’s should be at least 1 pt in diameter. For more detailed instructions, refer to this article on file prep from our platemaker. Additional file prep services provided by Drum Machine Editions will be billed at a rate of $55/hour.

How quickly will I receive my order?

We will offer each individual a personalized estimate for when their order will be complete. Our master printer works primarily on evenings and weekends, and aims to fulfill each order as quickly as possible. Even when we are our busiest, you should not expect to wait more than 4-6 weeks to receive your order.

Order your business cards today from our Asheville print shop!

To learn more and place your order for letterpress-printed business cards, please reach out to our printer, Erik Pedersen, by email at drummachineeditions@gmail.com. In the email, please include:

  • The number of cards you would like (increments of 250 only)
  • You paper color preference (white or cream)
  • Whether you want one-sided or two-sided printing
  • Whether you would like one or two ink colors
  • Your design and/or type for the card

We look forward to bringing to life the business cards of your dreams! :)


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