Protection Rituals

Rita Mookerjee and Wade Tullier

$21 USD︎︎︎pre-order second edition 
33/33/33 artist-poet-publisher split ︎ 33/33/33 artist-poet-publisher split ︎ 

NOTE: the first edition is sold out! All second edition pre-orders will be shipped this Winter and include a commemorative letterpress-printed bookmark with new drawings by Wade Tullier.

Protection Rituals is a collection of drawings and ekphrastic poems by Wade Tullier and Rita Mookerjee.

Tullier’s spare, archetypal assemblages are in constant motion, casting long shadows over Mookerjee’s defiant narrator. Velvet couches, salt lines, late-70s Bowie, and egg-topped ramen provide an indulgent backdrop for the twelve examinations of adolescence, ennui, and loneliness contained in this genre-bending collection.

Cover design, layout, printing, and binding by Erik Pedersen.

Watch the virtual book launch and poetry reading with Mookerjee, Tullier, and special guests!

PROCESS: Risography
PAPER: FPC Pop-Tone Lemon Drop, 65# cover; Pop-Tone Whip Cream, 70# text; hand-marbled cotton rag endpapers

Rita Mookerjee is an Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Worcester State University. She is the co-founder of Honey Literary, Inc., a Poetry Editor at Split Lip Magazine, and an Editorial Board Member at Sundress Publications. In 2020, she was a Fulbright Fellow in Kingston, Jamaica. She is the author of False Offering (JackLeg Press, 2023). Her poetry can be found in the Baltimore Review, Hobart Pulp, New Orleans Review, Lantern Review, and the Offing.

Wade Tullier (b. 1988, Baton Rouge, Louisiana) is a visual artist working primarily in ceramics and sculpture. His work and process are heavily influenced by storytelling, myth, and being raised within the landscape of southern Louisiana. He holds a BFA from Louisiana State University and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, with recent shows in Miami, Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit. His work was recently included in Clay Pop at Jeffrey Deitch New York. Tullier is represented by Primary in Miami.

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