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Kathleen Saunders

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50/50 artist-publisher split ︎ artist’s profits donated to 1,000 Friends of Florida ︎ 

Kathleen Saunders (Charleston, SC) is a photographer who frequently returns to Florida's natural springs. Her work engages both the environmental precarity and history of kitschy tourism surrounding the state's once-pristine aquifers. She has interviewed local historians and retired mermaids and pored over dense water quality studies. In her riso-printed photobook, Sinkholes of Florida, Saunders distills this body of work into a deadpan collection of found images which oscillate between humor and dread.

Printed by our friends at Woolly Press in Asheville, North Carolina. Cover design and binding by Erik Pedersen at Drum Machine Editions.

PUBLICATION DATE: 19 December 2020
PROCESS: Risography
INK COLORS: black, bright red
PAPER: FPC Speckletone Madero Beach, 70# text

100% of the artist’s profit from this book is donated to 1000 Friends of Florida, a nonprofit dedicated to saving special places and building better communities across the state, including protecting Florida’s aquifers.

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