Live at The Bark

Peder & Hendrik, Handsome Pants

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Thirteen tracks culled from 90 minutes of improvisational noise recorded to tape at The Bark (Tallahassee, FL) in April 2018.

All drums, percussion, synthesizer, guitars, tin foil, recorders, harmonica, and tape manipulations performed by Erik Pedersen, Nathan Hendrickson, and collaborating audience members, with notable contributions by Rita Mookerjee, Hunter Heerema, Molly Marotta, Anthony Lucio, Shaw Patton, Tiffany Isaacs, and Whitney Gilchrist.

Remixes & additional instrumentation by Chad McGaw.

RELEASE DATE: 6 March 2020
PROCESS: pad printing (cassettes) and risography (inserts)
PAPER: FPC Insulation Pink, 80# cover
INK COLORS: bright red, black
INSERT DIMENSIONS: 5.8125” x 4” (unfolded)

Duplicated in real time to super ferro music-grade tape. Sonic Green cassette shells with two hits of opaque white ink. Comes packaged in a clear front/white back Norelco case with riso printed album art and a tiny glossy photo of Nathan Hendrickson recording in the studio.

Produced by Drum Machine Editions. Design, printing, & packaging by Erik Pedersen. Tape duplication by Analog Media Technologies Inc, Verdun, QC, Canada.

Drum Machine Editions is an independent publisher & print shop in Asheville, North Carolina, USA  ︎ We’re here to collaborate, pay artists for their labor, & build community through equitable & transparent publishing practices ︎